Monitor, Analyze, Progress monitors and analyzes your SEO for you

Improve your SEO

Outsource your SEO monitoring, check your positions without effort and concentrate fully on your SEO.

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Profit from its simplicity

A simple internet navigator is sufficent. No software to download, no calculations to launch, no IP blacklisting. Access your results everyday from an easy to read user interface.

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Access your Data Easily

Export your data using Excel, touch them up if you like. Safely share and instantly view results with your customers and employees.

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7 Years of Experience

This innovative tool is increasingly used by large companies. It has an advanced infrastructure, designed to address volume issues. Profit from the expertise of a team that has been creating customised web referencing applications since 2006.

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Real-Time Position Details

A table is available every morning displaying your specific keyword positions on different search engines, as well as their variations. Filter and export this information at your convenience. Graphically visualize the evolution of each keyword. A historical analysis is also available, just modify the dates and retrieve the information.

Understand Your Global Visibility

It takes just a few seconds to examine the performance of each of your sites depending on different indicators : SEO visibility score, top-position distributions, the evolution of the number of backlinks and indexed pages. Graphically visualize the evolution of these global indicators during a certain period and see if your SEO actions have actually borne fruit.

Monitor Competitors and Site Leaders

The monitoring of competitors allows for a detailed analysis of your principale competitors (using graphs and tables).
Monitoring of site leaders lists and classes all the players in your market. Monitor the evolution and their positions week after week.

API Google Analytics : Using Positions & Web Traffic

With the Google Analytics module, analyze keywords that will bring you good quality traffic (ROI). Acquaint yourself with keywords that represent niches for your SEO strategy. Then, establish a correlation between your position, your taffic volume and your various objectives.

A Configurable Application is a tool dedicated for SEO professionals. It’s entirely configurable and can meet any need : interface personalisation, user account management, keyword groups, long tail, real-time emails, alert creation, report configuration, planned emails, notepad, user prefrences and of course many others...



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